Tiny House On Wheels

Brisbane Woman Builds Tiny House on Wheels

With no prior experience, Brisbane woman Chrissie Junge set out to build her own motorhome. She is a young woman with long term travel in her sites. 

Chrissie's plan was simple:
  • Buy the truck
  • Build the home
  • Quit the job
  • Travel
And she is well on her way to acheiving her goals.

Chrissie got started by buying a suitable small pantech truck, one which she could legally drive with a car licence. Then she set about fitting out the interior space to make it homely. First came the second hand caravan windows which she fitted herself with the help of an angle grinder.

Then came the roof lining, bed frame and mattress, and insulation to make the whole area much warmer in winter, and of course cooler in summer temperatures.

Chrissie has also fitted 2 x 250w solar panels to the roof with an aim to make the motorhome self sustainable. At the moment Chrissie is using a single burner stove for cooking and stays on a friends property where she has use of a shower and toilet.

But that's not her only option. Chrissie has located a Council free camping area nearby which has 24hr toilets available, and hot showers are available at anytime she chooses with her Australia wide gym membership.

As money allows, Chrissie will finish off the interior of the motorhome with a fully functioning kitchen and a shower and toilet.

As far as build costs go, the truck cost $13,000 and so far $5,000 has been spent on modifications. There is also an estimated $5-7,000 to finish the project off. Apart from normal living costs like groceries, ongoing costs would include registration, fuel, insurance and tolls.

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