NSW Caravan Rego Price Cut

NSW Govt Price Cut on Caravan Rego.

Registering a caravan in NSW is certainly going to get cheaper from Nov 1, 2018 after the NSW government cut registration fees.

With the number of caravan owners increasing year by year, Member for Dubbo Troy Grant said the authorities wanted to ease the financial pressure, particularly for retirees.

The fee decrease for private users is part of the suite of measures being introduced by the NSW government to deliver savings to consumers, including the Toll relief package, the $100 Active Kids rebate and Green Slip refunds.

The NSW government has recognised the need to keep costs down associated with these popular vehicles, and this reduction in fees will allow people to spend their money on the things they love - including camping and caravanning around Australia.

The changes will apply to towed caravans and purpose-built recreational camper trailers weighing up to 4. 5 tonnes. This will be a saving of up to $471.

Light vehicles such as caravans attract a motor vehicle tax centered around weight, and Mister Grant said reducing the cost would stimulate the NSW economy.

"This tax is part of the cost associated with registering a vehicle in NSW, but eligible caravan owners will benefit from a decrease. Not merely will the reduction in costs put cash back into the wallets of ordinary Australians, it is going to encourage more people to travel and enjoy what NSW has to offer.

The great news for NSW pensioners is the fact that those with a car and caravan who are eligible can now have a 40 per cent decrease in caravan registration fees.

Towed caravans and purpose-built camper trailers that are privately registered will qualify for the 40 per cent owering of the vehicle tax. Customers will be required to pay the standard NSW registration fees including the annual cost of $65.

For additional information visit the RMS website.

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