Lifesize LEGO Caravan

Lifesize LEGO Caravan

The world's greatest LEGO Caravan is being built in Queensland, and has been on show at the at the 50th Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow.

Now here's a crazy idea - let's build a caravan out of LEGO!

Of course we've all had hours of fun and games mucking around with toy building blocks to build something out of them, but we are talking life size here!

Having taken over 500 man-hours, and 280, 000 LEGO blocks to build it - a team of 16 LEGO friends built this 2metre high and five meter long caravan out of tiny plastic bricks.

The whole thing is modelled off a 1973 Viscount Royal, which at the time was Australia's most significant manufacturer of popular caravans for the caravanning enthusiast.

Caravanning Queensland General Manager Jason Plant seems pretty pleased with it all. Amazingly the caravan is fully equipped with a double bed, closet, sink, stove, refrigerator, a dinette, cupboards with sliding compartments and other features pretty typical  of your 1970's caravan all made from  LEGO bricks, Mr Plant said. It's been amazing to see the design, planning and building phase all come together. We can't believe that it's actually happened! 

Avid caravanner and  Brick Builder, Ben Craig, said he has liked LEGO for as far back as his childhood. As a child he would often imagine what it would be like to make a habitable space out of LEGO bricks.

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