Happy Campers on Australian Farms

Australian Farmers Open Their Gates to Travelers.

Perhaps born out of necessity, Australian farmers are opening their farm gates to the caravanning and camping public who are looking for a truly unique experience with good old fashioned fun high on the agenda for both children and adults alike.

Camping on rural farming land in Australia began it's life with the YouCamp website which was established in 2013 by James Woodford and Prue Bartlett. YouCamp facilitates communication between farmers and those wanting to camp or bring their caravans to a working farm in rural areas. Farmers can list their farms free of charge.

Their are major benefits to be had by both farmers and travelers. Farmers get to reap an extra income which helps to support the potentially low income level from the land, and travelers get an amazingly authentic experience of what it's like living on a working farm and enjoy the great outdoors.

Most farmers offer an opportunity to interact with the farming process, such as feeding the lambs, collecting eggs from the chickens, and petting the goats or other livestock. It can be a wonderful experience for both children and adults alike, with children especially loving the animals, fresh country air, and room to run and play.

It's an experience enjoyed more and more by school groups too, with a number of farms around Brisbane able to accommodate school groups who love the paddock to plate concept and enjoy various activities such as tasting farm fresh produce, learning bush skills, and even archery.

As with any other camping or caravanning enterprise, farmers must abide by Council regulations and provide at least basic ameneties such as toilets and showers for their guests, depending on the regulations in their local government area.

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