Tribunal Orders Jayco Replacement

Civil & Administrative Tribunal Orders Jayco to Replace Faulty Caravan Worth $70,000

After only 2 years of ownership, over 90 reported faults and 10 warranty repairs, Junette Nicholson had her case ruled in her favour.

In regard to the Jayco Silverline 24.7 purchased from Watson's Caravans in Coffs Harbour  the Tribunal concluded that 'a reasonable consumer being fully acquanted with these circumstances would not have acquired the caravan' and therefore ordered Jayco Australia to replace the caravan.

During the course of the hearing the caravan dealer stated that the caravan could still be used for it's intended purpose, that there was little evidence of a major defect, and it wasn't unsafe or unfit for purpose.

However Ms Nicholson had claimed a full refund or a replacement to the same value.

Tribunal General Member Mr Mark Gilson agreed that many defects still existed and Ms Nicholsdon was entitled to a replacement.

Concerns were raised on a number of issues, some of which included:
  • supply of gas to the stove and operation of stove
  • squeaks in floor
  • bulges and deformations in areas of external walls
  • cracks to the corners of perspex side windows
  • material used to stabilise table is of insufficient quality
  • perishing seals to slide out
  • drawer under sink slides out whilst travelling
  • misalignment of shade over slide out
  • faulty operation of front window cover
  • a curve in roll out awning rail

The tribunal ruled that Jayco must supply a replacement caravan of the same type and of similar value on or before July 18 and that Ms Nicholson must return her existing caravan within a week of receiving it from Watson's Caravans in Coffs Harbour.

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