How Safe Is Free Camping In Australia?

I am a huge fan of free camping around Australia. If you are a full time traveller you will know just how much money you can save yourself in a year usine free camp sites, but how safe is free camping in Australia?

During the course of being on the road for 18mths, there was only one time that we decided to move to the next free camp to be safer.

The only reason we moved was that no other free campers had arrived before 4pm. We used that as a general rule, so that we would have enough time to get to the next free camp before night fall. (WikiCamps Australia is a great app for free camping).

We work on the premise that there is safety in numbers and the criteria for us, is that there must be other campers at the site.

The picture at right is Saunders Beach Free Camp (Qld). Get there early for a shady spot. If you are there on a Saturday night, the local Volunteer Fire Brigade might ask you to join them for Lamb Shanks at the fire station! (it's a fund raiser - $6 per person)

Of course caravan parks have their place and provide wonderful amenities that free camps just don’t have, and it’s always nice to treat yourself to some of those luxuries from time to time. There’s nothing like a porcelain loo and a washing machine to get you excited after a week or two on the road!
The reality is for most people on the road, particularly family groups; it is just too expensive to stay in caravan parks long term, so free camping is more of a necessity than an option. Fees can range from $140/week to outrageous prices upwards of $420/week and even more in remote or very popular areas, depending on demand and the time of year.

Making your money last as long as you can is often the strategy employed by many nomads, but safety must always be your first priority. After all it’s about seeing as much of the country, and experiencing as many different locations as you possibly can on a budget.  I’m sure those people that are out there on the road at the moment will agree that there is indeed a travel-bug and once it gets hold of you it’s hard to shake off. You just want to keep going and going.

So back to how safe is free camping in Australia... What are the benefits?
  • Very safe with other campers around
  • No cost
  • Easy to find
  • Most have Telstra signal available
  • Most have toilet and water available
  • Great way to meet other like minded people

 Calliope River Free Camp near Gladstone turnoff. You can tell by the numbers of other campers here, that it is one of the safest free camps in Australia.

I’m sure you will be able to think of many more reasons why you like free camping in Australia. Please leave a comment by clicking on "comments" below, and tell us about your free camping experience.

Calliope River Free Camp near Gladstone turnoff, Queensland.


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