Tips For Caravanning On A Budget

Everyone’s costs will of course be different but there are some variables you need to consider when preparing your budget.

Will you be buying a caravan and tow vehicle, or will you want to Hire A Motorhome

What will be the length of your trip?

Planning a caravan trip around Australia that will take you 2 years to complete, will be a totally different cost to one that will allow you to be on the road for a much lesser time. So knowing how long you will be away will be a key factor in determining how much it will cost to caravan around Australia.

Australia is a truly vast country. We met a couple on the road who had been travelling for 8 years and were on their 4 circuit around the country. They commented that they felt that there was so much more to see, so try not to rush it.

Fuel Costs

How many klms will you want to travel per week? It is handy to know the average klms/per litre that your tow vehicle will use while towing your caravan. That way you can work out roughly how much you will spend on fuel. If you are planning on travelling to remote areas, factor in higher fuel prices.

Accommodation and attractions.

Will you be staying at caravan parks or free camping? Here's where you can save a lot of money. Australia has a great network of free camps but of course they don't offer the same facilities as caravan parks, although most have toilets, some have outdoor showers. 

The best way to find these free camps is to download the 'WikiCamps Australia' app. There is also a publication called 'Camps Australia' which is very good.

Some attractions are free such as museums. However most come with an entry fee. So again, it depends on how many attractions you want to see. This can really add up quickly and can have a major impact on your budget. 

It is good practice to research attractions and prices on the Internet. Trip Advisor will give you a good idea of the most popular ones in your area, together with the prices for each, so you can plan ahead.

Planning your meals

Here's another way that you can save significantly on your costs. Buy local produce and prepare your own meals.

Clearly home made meals are going to be cheaper than eating out at restaurants or takeaway food outlets. Aldi supermarkets continue to be Australia's most competitive supermarket, however Aldi does not have as many supermarkets throughout Australia as their competitors.

Budget for the unexpected

Always have a repairs and maintenance budget which will cover things like flat tyres, wheel bearing replacement on your caravan, servicing and repairs to your tow vehicle and caravan etc. This will depend largely on the age of your caravan and vehicle you are using to tow it. As vehicle get older they usually require higher costs to maintain as components wear out.

It goes without saying that both your tow vehicle and your caravan should be insured, so this expense should also be factored into the cost to caravan around Australia.

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