How Many Caravans Sold In Australia

How many camper trailers, camper-vans and caravans are sold in Australia.

As of 17 March 2014 there are now camper-van and caravan registrations which reach a combined total of 502,025 according to figures released by CRVA. These numbers a set to rise by approx 5-6% year on year, as demand continues to grow.

How many Registered caravans in Australia

History shows that caravan registrations increased 5.96% to January 2012.
Caravans represent 89% of total registrations. Camper-vans total 11%.
  • Victoria boasts the largest numbers of registered caravans.
  • Queensland has the highest percentage of camper-van registrations for any state.
  • Western Australia has recorded the highest caravan and camper-van registrations per head of population.
  • Tasmania has more than twice as many registered camper-vans per head than any other Australian state.
Camper trailers are extremely popular and make up the greatest number of caravan registrations by far.

The Australian caravan industry remains strong, with the Australian manufactured products topping 20,000 units for the fourth year in a row for 2013.  

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