How Fast Can You Tow A Caravan In Australia?

Maximum speed limits for caravans in Australia.

The maximum speed you are allowed to tow a caravan in Australia refers to the signposted speed limit wherever you may be at the time. (See variations below). However it is recommended that drivers be alert to surroundings and adjust speed accordingly at all times. 

Caravan and trailer speed limits state by state -variations.

The specifics of towing a caravan alter according to whether you are towing an unbraked caravan up to an ATM of 750kg, or a heavier caravan which is fitted with an electric or a hydraulic braking system.  
Your individual car and caravan combination will therefore have a bearing on how your caravan behaves under braking and your driving habits and speed should be adjusted accordingly. 
For example, if you are towing an un-braked caravan, you will have up to 750kg of weight pushing you along as you attempt to brake your car. So it is sensible to travel at a speed that is appropriate for your towing combination, the road conditions and other factors linked to safety such as driver experience.

New South Wales

Maximum speed limit in NSW for towing a caravan or trailer is 100klm if the tow vehicle and trailer have a combined weight in excess of 4,500kg. This 100klm limit also applies on a motorway which may have a maximum speed signposted at 110klm. 


When travelling in Tasmania you should be aware that the maximum speed limit when towing a caravan is 90km per hour, regardless of your caravans weight.  

Western Australia

Western Australia has a maximum of 100km per hour for a vehicle towing a trailer or caravan and there is no specified vehicle and trailer weight. As in NSW the maximum speed on motorways in WA is 110km per hour.

South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory, Queensland and Victoria

These states and territories have no trailer speed limits for towing. Instead, they recommend that drivers travel at a speed that is suitable for the conditions at the time. 

Driving tips

Always exercise more caution when you are towing a caravan. A little extra care can be the different between a great holiday and a disaster. Allow more room between you and the vehicle in front of you. This will give you more room to slow down if necessary. Slow down when approaching corners and anticipate the unexpected.

Manufacturer speed restrictions

Always check your motor vehicles user guide to learn if there are any restrictions or limitations on the weight which can be towed safely. For example a Holden Commodore V6 and V8 auto models have a towing capacity of 2100 kg, where a Toyota Landcruiser is 3500kg if the caravan is braked.

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