Tent Review - 12 Person Tent

Tent Review - 12 person family size tent.

This tent review looks at the quality, comfort level, and value for money of the all Australian 'Camping Equipment Company' 12 person family tent. If you are looking for quality and space for a large family or group, you've come to the right place.

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Tent Review - Premium Quality 12 Person Tent

The inbuilt quality of this 12 man tent is simply well above standard in so many ways. Just take a look at the   tent review below and note the inclusions. (The numbers located in various positions on the tent are explained below).

1. The Premium Super-lite tent poles are high tensile modular construction which naturally give superior support and maximise the internal dimensions of the tent. The design of the pitched roof wont allow rain water to pool on the roof. Instead it gently directs rain away and down to the ground in one seamless motion.
2. No Premium quality tent is worth its weight in gold unless it comes complete with a rain fly. This 12 man tent is no exception and boasts another quality feature in the Exo-derm (TM) rain fly. The Exo-derm material has been especially create for use on Camping Equipment Company tents. It will not stretch or sag when wet like other commonly used materials such as nylon and it will keep its shape even during a heavy downpouring of rain. It also has a seam-seal feature which inhibits water from penetrating.

3. The cleverly designed storm weather flap quickly takes rain away from the tent.

4. Guy lines are also of premium quality and are larger and have more strength than traditional ropes. The Dyna-strap (TM) guy lines are made from webbing and give excellent stabilisation to this 12 man tent, especially during high winds.

5. Air circulation is excellent and is provided by way of mesh vents at the top and at opposite ends of this very roomy family tent. The rain and bugs will also be kept at bay, while the vents allow for better circulation of air which in turn reduces the likelihood of condensation.

6. The Ajax 12 man family tent comes with 'twin doors'. One is a full size door made from mesh fabric to allow circulation and keep bugs and mosquitoes out, whilst the other door is a full fabric weatherproof door for privacy and to keep the wind and rain out.

7. This is a great addition to safety. These woven nylon guy lines come with reflective taping for greater safety at night. Anyone who has ever been camping in the past will no doubt have tripped over their own for someone else's guy ropes. This problem is now almost eliminated with these great reflective guy lines.

8. Here's where technology and quality collide. The Camping Equipment Company use a breathable inner tent manufactured with breathable polyester with built in mesh vents to assist further in the regulation of air flow. The partition privacy walls can actually be removed. This creates a much larger area for sleeping. In addition the floor made from Dri-tek (TM) materials is fully sewn in tub style which is heat sealed during the manufacturing process. This actually prevents moisture from coming through, keeping the family dry at all times. The Dri-tek (TM) material is tough, hard wearing and abrasion resistant.

9. The Camping Equipment Company only using high quality components and this is further shown by the use of Talon (TM) tent pegs. They have a reputation as being light weight and highly impact resistant whilst doing a great job of holding down tent corners and support straps firmly in the ground.

12 Person Tent Review In A Nutshell. 

All in all, the Ajax 12 man family tent is an extremely well constructed piece of camping equipment, which is well priced for the quality of the product, and will hold up to many, many years of use - even with 12 people using it! A great buy!

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