12volt Deep Cycle AGM Caravan Batteries

We have been wanting to extend the time we are able to free camp for awhile now, and when our caravan battery finally died a couple of weeks ago we decided it was time to do something once and for all about becoming self sufficient while out on free camping sites around Australia.

You will probably want to do your own research on batteries and solar panels yourself, but I thought some of the information I learned while researching the subject might help you to save some time.

Firstly I learned that the best battery to purchase for a caravan, camper or motorhome, is what is known as a 12volt Deep Cycle AGM battery, because they are made specifically for the job we want them to do.

Secondly I learned that the Ah (amp hours) of the battery should be closely matched to your Solar Panel output. For example: I bought a 12volt Deep Cycle 95Ah AGM battery and purchased a 100W Portable Solar Panel to go with it (from separate suppliers).

Other things I learned:

  • You should only drain 80% of the battery power before recharging it. That is to say that you should leave the battery charged at no less 20% of its full charge. Doing this will extend the battery life. A battery metre comes in handy to monitor the battery voltage, and we already have one mounted to the wall in our caravan so we can monitor it easily.
  • A 'sealed no maintainance battery' is not really a sealed battery at all, it has hidden vents that allow liquid to spill out of the battery. Don't be fooled by battery sales 'experts' - read the tech info below.
  • click this link for more technical information about 12volt Deep Cycle AGM caravan batteries.

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