One of the most daunting things to consider when you are thinking about an extended caravan trip around Australia is what on earth are you going to do with all your stuff! Whether you are just going away camping for a few months or plan to be away on an extended working holiday around Australia, there is plenty to consider.

If you are anything like me you will be looking around wondering what to throw out and what to keep. One good way of deciding is to ask yourself 'Have I used it in the last 6 months?' If the answer is no, then it is quite likely that you don't need to keep it.

By using this strategy, you will be amazed how many of your belongings you can get rid of. But don't take it to the tip - it will cost you a fortune in dump fees, and besides I'm sure there is a local charity who could make good use of all those unwanted items that wont fit in your caravan or RV while you are away camping.

Most charities accept everything from clothes to furniture. One mans trash is another mans treasure so they say, so you will be helping them out big time.

Of course there are going to be things like photo albums and keepsakes that you wont want to part with, so you will need to look for some kind of storage arrangement. If you have decided to go on the road full time, you may have sold your house or rented it out, and you may have sold all your furniture or given it away to your children like we did.

If that's the case and you only have a small quantity left you may be able to store it with family members if they have a spare room in the house or a garage, or you might prefer to get a self storage unit that is clean and dry and locked while you are away.

It is a big job getting everything organised for the big day when you will finally wave goodbye and set out on your journey around Australia, but if you downsize bit by bit over a period of several weeks, I'm sure you'll find it easier. Good Luck!


  1. We have downsized in a very big way! We love the freedom that it has given us, and we are now able to live the simple lifestyle without things holding us back.
    We used Gumtree to sell mostly our bigger furniture and then we gave some to lifeline.
    The rest is in our shipping container - but like you most of that will go to our older boys when they move out of home :)
    Downsizing rocks!

  2. I agree totally Lisa. It's amazing just how little 'stuff' we really need. As the saying goes, Less is More! Thanks for stopping by :) Sharon

  3. It is really important that when we travel we have to arrange and bring what is important only.

  4. I totally agree R.M. I guess you are kept busy helping people to pack up their belongings and put their things in storage so they can start their travels. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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