Adria Caravan Repairs

I just wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to the guys and girls at Adria-Pacific Australia, and Coastal Caravan Clinic at Gosford for doing some Adria warranty work on our caravan recently.

We had a slight problem with 2 windows on the van which needed to be replaced. They were sent from Adria-Pacific in Brisbane to Gosford very promtly in just a couple of days, no questions asked - I just emailed them a photo of what I was concerned about (a bit of moisture between the two skins).

We also had a problem with the handle on our Thetford loo, but this too was fixed at the same time and without drama. Whilst the boys were attending to the jobs at hand I was telling Harry about my trip down to Gosford from Newcastle, when a truck tyre exploded as a semi was overtaking me and the van. I got one of the biggest frights of my life hearing the BANG and seeing shrapnel flying all over the side of the van in the side mirror.

Harry and I both had a thorough look for any damage and fortunately only found 2 broken indicator lenses. Harry's response was 'no worries' and he promptly replaced them both free of charge.

I was really grateful that our van didn't sustain more damage from the exploding tyre, it sure has a durable exterior!

It's nice to get good service, so thanks Adria-Pacific Australia, and Coastal Caravan Clinic-Gosford.

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