Caravan Chef 2

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Caravan Chef 2 has been specially written for 'on-the-road cooks'. These tantalisingly tasty recipes include easy to understand instructions and photographs of each completed dish. Much thought and experience has gone into choosing the 30 ingredients which have been selected for their versatility, long storage life, easy preparation and for being readily available wherever you might find yourself around Australia.

About the Author of Caravan Chef 2

Eva Stovern, accompanied by her photographer husband Thom have travelled all over Australia for many years. Evas camping experiences began with a tent, but not convinced that it was the most comfortable option, she soon upgraded to a camper trailer. As time went on, a modest full-sized caravan superseded the camper trailer and eventually a luxurious van with all the bells and whistles.

Eva now travels in a medium-sized full height van, custom built by Crusader. Eva is passionate about her travels, cooking, wildlife and the environment. She enjoys the opportunity to explore grocery shops in small country towns followed by sitting down to a home-cooked meal in front of a fiery outback sunset as a backdrop. Eva is most comfortable far removed from restaurants, and the hustle and bustle of city life.

Eva provides the WhatsUp Downunder website with her tried and tested favourite recipes and a travel editorial every month. She has also appeared on their TV show. 

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