Casino RV Resort - Village

As a caravan or motorhome enthusiast you will probably have heard about the Casino RV Resort Village during your travels. We have been wandering around Australia for just over 12mths and this is one of the most talked about caravan parks in the country.

It seems that there are very few people who don't know about his place. It certainly has a first class reputation, and after having a long walk around the grounds today, I can see why. This is our first visit to the much talked about Casino RV Resort - Village and I must say we are very impressed. It is no wonder nomads are so taken by this great facility.

The staff are friendly and helpful, but the gounds and facilities for travelers are beyond anything that we have seen anywhere else. Where do I start? There are drive through sites for caravans and motor-homes with trailers and there are sites with hedges for privacy if you prefer, and all are situated very close to clean, well appointed amenities.

There is a BBQ hut with traditional open fire places and modern 4 burner gas models, which looks like it would seat upwards of 100 people, and happy-hour takes place here every afternoon at 4 pm. There is a beautiful resort style swimming pool, a club house which is more like a conference centre, a huge entertainment room with pool tables, which doubles as a theatre for hosting the famous bush poets competition and other great events.

For those who fall in love with the area and the facilities, there is even a mobile home village with display homes from 3 different manufacturers to choose from. Every home has room to store your caravan, motor home or 5th wheeler, in addition to a carport for your car. This is clearly a favoured option by many people who are taking a break from traveling but who don't want to give up there RV's lifestyle completely. The village is expanding and I am reliably informed that stage 3 has just begun after construction of an onsite sewerage treatment works.

It is relatively quiet here at the moment (mid August) but I could easily imagine the park being full and bubbling with activities during the summer months.

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  1. Good idea. This resort would never cross my mind if I didn't read your post. Thanks.
    I am willing to take place in this camping village, hope my family will be as thrilled just as much as I am.
    I recently both my trailer from this camper trailer dealer and I believe It won't take much space, as it is an off-road trailer.
    I believe we’re gonna have great fun there.


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