Daydream Island, Whitsundays, Qld

We arrived in Airlie Beach on 27th Sept and settled in to the Flametree C.P. for a few days R and R. It's a reasonable camping site with good shade. We found the managers to be a bit 'tired' and not as enthusiastic about having guests as you might expect, but our stay was pleasant enough and we met a nice couple who pumped up the rear shocks on the car for us. He was an ex truckie and gave us some helpful tips about sharing the highway with the really big rigs.

Helen had a surprise in store for my Birthday on 29th and we had a wonderful time cruising the Whitsunday Islands. I chose the 2 Island day trip to Daydream Island and Long Island.

Daydream Island was simply beautiful and we enjoyed the resort facilities, including shark and ray feeding in the lagoon, coffee shop morning tea, mini golf course, nature walks, and a delicious buffet lunch at the resorts Mermaid Restaurant.

We departed Daydream at 1.40pm bound for Long Is. which was different but equally pretty. We enjoyed a long uphill guided walk over a very rough track where Helen sprained her ankle a little and felt the effects for the next few days. Nothing that an ice pack or two didn't fix, so she was fortunate that it wasn't worse.

The day was fine but visibility was a little poor due to the enormous dust storms from Central Australia that have covered most of the Eastern Seaboard. Nonetheless it was a great day which was topped off beautifully with dinner at a local restaurant (my birthday present from Tracey, Daniel, and Hannah). What a great day!

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