Calliope River Free Camping Site

We left Emu Park fully intending to drive through to the town of 1770, so named because Captain Cook anchored off shore on 24 May 1770. Anyway, we stopped for lunch at a rest stop called Calliope River and to our amazement that their was a huge free camping site below the Historical Village and ended up staying for 2 nights.

Now I know I have mentioned free camping sites more than once before, but Calliope River rest area is something else! To our surprise as we looked out over the river, there were caravans, motorhomes and 5th wheelers as far as the eye could see down below us on a lower level and again on another level along the river banks. This is a serious free camping site.

The area is absolutely huge and is well maintained by the local Council with toilet facilities and garbage disposal etc. Met up with some familiar faces and renewed acquaintances. Also met several others, one couple in particular who are on there 3rd trip around Australia and loving it! (It gets in the blood)

We also enjoyed a pleasant afternoon touring the adjacent Historical Village and the next morning left the van after locking the coupling, for a day trip into Gladstone where we were quite impressed by the quality of shopping facilities and of course their fabulous Marina.

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