Airlie Beach to Yeppoon (Emu Park)

It was sad saying goodbye to Airlie Beach, gateway to the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef, after such a wonderful time on the waterways and islands. Our schedule is to arrive in Newcastle around 9th November. We have a wedding to attend, Ebonys 18th Birthday, and of course Christmas with the family.

We stayed close to Yeppoon at a camping site called Emu Park which is somewhat smaller than Yeppoon and less commercialised. It was a nice park, although very dry and dusty when we were there. We caught up on the usual washing of the car, caravan and clothes and managed to squeeze in some fishing.  

Emu Park provided us with an ideal jetty for throwing a line in and we enjoyed our early morning adventure catching one undersized whiting which went straight back in to play another day, and something else that unfortunately got away. It was really a very big fish and would have been the catch of the day in anyone's book.

Emu Park is also known for the 'Singing Ship' which is perched up high on the headland. It does actually 'sing' or at least plays various notes that sound like a flute during strong winds. We were lucky enough to hear it in full swing on one paricularly windy day.

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