Mission Beach

We had an uneventful trip from Cairns to beautiful Mission Beach on 20 Sept. Once again Helen chose a beautiful camping site. She seems to have a knack for it.  There is a Council camping site on the beach side of the road which looks good too, but we stayed at the one opposite and were shown to our drive through site by a friendly man on a motorbike.  It was a lovely caravan park and we have even had a visit from a family of curlews. They are the easiest bird in the world to take a photo of - in the pic below they were frozen (with fear?) for about 3 minutes!

So far we have enjoyed exploring the various tropical rainforest tracks in the local area and venturing a bit further afield we found a brand new Woolworths supermarket and Caltex Servo on the way to South Mission Beach.

Unfortunately we haven't had the good fortune (yet) to spot a Cassowary (the indigenous flightless bird standing a metre tall). But we are hopeful, given the outrageous number of roadside warning signs in the area!

Today we back tracked about 45klms and detoured off the highway to spend a great morning at Paronella Park which is a Spanish Castle (now in a state of semi-ruin, but that somehow adds to its appeal) which was built by a Spanish immigrant - Jose Paronella in the 1930's.

In those days it boasted a water-wonderland for day picnickers  a large cinema, tennis courts, fountains, ballroom, and its own hydro-electric power station! Sadly the park suffered several setbacks including floods, cyclones, and family tragedies over the years and fell into a state of decay over the years until the current owners resurrected the property in 1993 and turned it into the #1 Queensland tourist attraction that it is today. It is now clearly a thriving business once again. Highly recommended.

Helen enjoying an early morning walk before the heat of the day.

Cassowaries are often seen in the area, but unfortunately we missed out.

A walk along the Mission Beach foreshore lead me to this beautiful spot.

Visiting Paronella Park

The old picnic area at Paronella Park which has survived many floods.

Avenue of trees - Paronella Park

One of the amazing structures at Paronella Park.

Helen on a rainforest walk.

Curlews - they can stand still like this for such a long time.

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