Atherton Tablelands

Enjoyed a lovely day around Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands today. Went to visit Jaques Coffee Plantation and took the tour on the Bean Machine followed by a movie about the early days and the trials and tribulations that they endured during the early years in Australia. We enjoyed tasting their coffee liquers and then a fab cappiccino and even fabber scones with jam & cream.

The staff were very helpful with information about other attractions and we headed off in search of Emerald Falls. We had been told the road to the falls included a few k's of dirt road, so after a quick look at the weather (no rain in sight) we decided to take the Commodore on her first off-road (well sort of) excursion.

It's amazing the number of crops grown on the Atherton Tablelands. The area is a great region to base yourself for a few months if you are going to plan an Australian working holiday and want to do some work on the Harvest Trail.

It was also our first experience with RED dirt. Man that stuff gets into everything! and sticks like s_ _ _

The dirt road was not too bad but did provide us with a couple of opportunities to stop the car and ask ourselves 'do you think we will get back up this hill on the way back?' After due consideration we decided to soldier on.

At the end of the road was a carpark with a sign pointing to a 1.9 klm walking track to the falls, and off we went. We met up with some other adventurers and all agreed that the 1.9klm sign was wrong. Concensus of opinion was that it was more like 3k to the falls but nonetheless we enjoyed the challenge - and view from the top.

The walk back down the mountain to the carpark was much easier and after a brief chat with the 4WD folk we set off in front of one of them who wanted to follow us - just in case! I am happy to report the Commodore handled the hills just fine and we didn't need a tow up the hills after all. Very nice of them to offer though, and to endure our dust!

Had a nice lunch at Mareeba and a very interesting visit to the Mareeba Heritage Museum which provided us with some props for our photos. We had a great time before heading back down the Kennedy Hwy to seek out the nearest car wash and vaccuum. Unfortunately even though we bought the superduperscrub wash option, Helen still had to give it another wash back at the caravan park to get the last of that red dirt offfffffff! :-)


  1. Atherton tablelands has now become one of the places I would love to next visit. Photos look fantastic.

  2. Sharon12:16 pm

    We had a wonderful day trip around the tablelands, but would suggest you have at least a couple of days up there if you are heading that way Amanda. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did, Safe Travels, Sharon


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