Share-A-Camper vs AirBnB

Profile picture Florian DahlmannA German entrepreneur who is now based in Sydney, has embarked on a business model similar to AirBnB where caravan, camper, motorhome and RV owners can rent out their vehicles to other travellers, instead of leaving them sit idle while not in use.

Profile picture Jan Bartel

Thirty-three year old Florian Dahlmann together with his friend and business partner Jan Bartel came up with their plan whilst on a trip to New Zealand in 2015. As they toured the country in their rental camper, they noticed many other privately owned caravans and campers and thought how nice they looked in comparison to their tired little rental. And so the idea of Share-A-Camper was born.

Their company is located in Darlinghurst, NSW and also operates in New Zealand and Germany. Florian and Jan plan to expand into the US, France, UK, and Canada. Some of the most active caravan and camping communities in the world.

Australian statistics show that campervans had the biggest growth rate of any vehicle in 2016 with a rise in sales of 4.5 per cent. The Caravan Industry Association reports that the number of RV's on Australian roads, including caravans and motorhomes etc, that are registered for road use in Australia, now exceeds 556,000. Tourism research reveals a 12% increase in the number of overseas caravanning visitors to Australia in the past 12 months. Some great statistics which point to a successful business venture for Florian and Jan. We wish them luck in their new venture.

Read more: http://www.afr.com/news/shareacamper-is-the-airbnb-for-idle-caravans-and-motorhomes-20161019-gs66o3#ixzz4Q2W5Rxz4 

Win A New Crusader Caravan

Lets Go Caravan and Camping & IFISH in conjunction with Crusader Caravans have a competition running at the moment with a brand new Crusader Caravan up for grabs.

Be in it to win it!
You can enter here: http://www.letsgocaravanandcamping.com.au/ifish-competition/

Major storm damage at Sunshine Coast Caravan Park

Dicky Beach Caravan Park on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, bore the brunt of a super cell storm which lashed it's ferocious winds across the area causing major damage to many caravans yesterday.

Hail and very strong winds, together with a reported 54,000 lightening strikes hammered the caravan park and surrounding areas, causing a trail of wrecked and damage buildings and caravans with many loosing their roof and annexes.

Tin and annexes ripped off caravans in a van park.

Image courtesy of ABC News. 

Mogo Zoo

We went for a day trip to Mogo Zoo yesterday, it's just a 10 minute drive from Bateman's Bay, on the South Coast of NSW. I haven't been to a zoo since I was 5 years old and I must say I suddenly felt like a child again as I wandered around looking at all the lovely animals and listening to the keepers giving their informative talks. It a great place for both young and old, and we would definitely recommend a visit if you're in the area.

The animals were all beautiful in their own ways. Some were funny like the Meerkats, some were cute like the Silver Gibbon mother and her little 5mths old baby boy, and others like the white lion were just adorable.  It was obvious that the animals were all very well cared for and much loved by the keepers.

Mogo Zoo is an amazing place and a wonderful sanctuary for many endangered species whos natural habitat is eroding rapidly from deforestation of their homelands. We learnt that the main reason for this deforestation of the natural habitat is caused by humans insatiable appetite for palm oil. The rainforests are destroyed to make way for plantations, and in doing so destroys the very home of these amazing creatures.

We saw gibbons, reptiles, sumartran tigers, giraffes, zebras, deer, meerkats, otters, frogs, snakes, white tigers, lemurs, ostriches, tamirs, monkies, and so many more that we lost count. My personal favourite was the white lion. She was absolutely beautiful with such a gentle nature.

There are some excellent options for meals at Mogo Zoo. You can enjoy lunch just inside the main entrance foyer at the Jungle Drum Cafe (we had the chilli chicken wrap-Yum!) or you can use the bbq area which you'll find just outside the main entrance building as you enter the zoo area. You can also bring your own picnic lunch and sit among the gardens at the picnic tables provided while you watch the animals. 

The Mogo Zoo shop is filled with really good quality merchandise of all kinds including childrens books, puzzles, stuffed toys, caps and beanies. For the big kids in the family there are some t-shirts, caps, vests, fridge magnets, books and other useful mementos of your visit to the zoo. If you are in the Batemans Bay area and are looking for things to do, I'm sure you'll enjoy Mogo Zoo!