Happy Campers on Australian Farms

Australian Farmers Open Their Gates to Travelers.

Perhaps born out of necessity, Australian farmers are opening their farm gates to the caravanning and camping public who are looking for a truly unique experience with good old fashioned fun high on the agenda for both children and adults alike.

Camping on rural farming land in Australia began it's life with the YouCamp website which was established in 2013 by James Woodford and Prue Bartlett. YouCamp facilitates communication between farmers and those wanting to camp or bring their caravans to a working farm in rural areas. Farmers can list their farms free of charge.

Their are major benefits to be had by both farmers and travelers. Farmers get to reap an extra income which helps to support the potentially low income level from the land, and travelers get an amazingly authentic experience of what it's like living on a working farm and enjoy the great outdoors.

Most farmers offer an opportunity to interact with the farming process, such as feeding the lambs, collecting eggs from the chickens, and petting the goats or other livestock. It can be a wonderful experience for both children and adults alike, with children especially loving the animals, fresh country air, and room to run and play.

It's an experience enjoyed more and more by school groups too, with a number of farms around Brisbane able to accommodate school groups who love the paddock to plate concept and enjoy various activities such as tasting farm fresh produce, learning bush skills, and even archery.

As with any other camping or caravanning enterprise, farmers must abide by Council regulations and provide at least basic ameneties such as toilets and showers for their guests, depending on the regulations in their local government area.


Tiny House On Wheels

Brisbane Woman Builds Tiny House on Wheels

With no prior experience, Brisbane woman Chrissie Junge set out to build her own motorhome. She is a young woman with long term travel in her sites. 

Chrissie's plan was simple:
  • Buy the truck
  • Build the home
  • Quit the job
  • Travel
And she is well on her way to acheiving her goals.

Chrissie got started by buying a suitable small pantech truck, one which she could legally drive with a car licence. Then she set about fitting out the interior space to make it homely. First came the second hand caravan windows which she fitted herself with the help of an angle grinder.

Then came the roof lining, bed frame and mattress, and insulation to make the whole area much warmer in winter, and of course cooler in summer temperatures.

Chrissie has also fitted 2 x 250w solar panels to the roof with an aim to make the motorhome self sustainable. At the moment Chrissie is using a single burner stove for cooking and stays on a friends property where she has use of a shower and toilet.

But that's not her only option. Chrissie has located a Council free camping area nearby which has 24hr toilets available, and hot showers are available at anytime she chooses with her Australia wide gym membership.

As money allows, Chrissie will finish off the interior of the motorhome with a fully functioning kitchen and a shower and toilet.

As far as build costs go, the truck cost $13,000 and so far $5,000 has been spent on modifications. There is also an estimated $5-7,000 to finish the project off. Apart from normal living costs like groceries, ongoing costs would include registration, fuel, insurance and tolls.


Lifesize LEGO Caravan

Lifesize LEGO Caravan

The world's greatest LEGO Caravan is being built in Queensland, and has been on show at the at the 50th Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow.

Now here's a crazy idea - let's build a caravan out of LEGO!

Of course we've all had hours of fun and games mucking around with toy building blocks to build something out of them, but we are talking life size here!

Having taken over 500 man-hours, and 280, 000 LEGO blocks to build it - a team of 16 LEGO friends built this 2metre high and five meter long caravan out of tiny plastic bricks.

The whole thing is modelled off a 1973 Viscount Royal, which at the time was Australia's most significant manufacturer of popular caravans for the caravanning enthusiast.

Caravanning Queensland General Manager Jason Plant seems pretty pleased with it all. Amazingly the caravan is fully equipped with a double bed, closet, sink, stove, refrigerator, a dinette, cupboards with sliding compartments and other features pretty typical  of your 1970's caravan all made from  LEGO bricks, Mr Plant said. It's been amazing to see the design, planning and building phase all come together. We can't believe that it's actually happened! 

Avid caravanner and  Brick Builder, Ben Craig, said he has liked LEGO for as far back as his childhood. As a child he would often imagine what it would be like to make a habitable space out of LEGO bricks.


NSW Caravan Rego Price Cut

NSW Govt Price Cut on Caravan Rego.

Registering a caravan in NSW is certainly going to get cheaper from Nov 1, 2018 after the NSW government cut registration fees.

With the number of caravan owners increasing year by year, Member for Dubbo Troy Grant said the authorities wanted to ease the financial pressure, particularly for retirees.

The fee decrease for private users is part of the suite of measures being introduced by the NSW government to deliver savings to consumers, including the Toll relief package, the $100 Active Kids rebate and Green Slip refunds.

The NSW government has recognised the need to keep costs down associated with these popular vehicles, and this reduction in fees will allow people to spend their money on the things they love - including camping and caravanning around Australia.

The changes will apply to towed caravans and purpose-built recreational camper trailers weighing up to 4. 5 tonnes. This will be a saving of up to $471.

Light vehicles such as caravans attract a motor vehicle tax centered around weight, and Mister Grant said reducing the cost would stimulate the NSW economy.

"This tax is part of the cost associated with registering a vehicle in NSW, but eligible caravan owners will benefit from a decrease. Not merely will the reduction in costs put cash back into the wallets of ordinary Australians, it is going to encourage more people to travel and enjoy what NSW has to offer.

The great news for NSW pensioners is the fact that those with a car and caravan who are eligible can now have a 40 per cent decrease in caravan registration fees.

Towed caravans and purpose-built camper trailers that are privately registered will qualify for the 40 per cent owering of the vehicle tax. Customers will be required to pay the standard NSW registration fees including the annual cost of $65.

For additional information visit the RMS website.


Outdoorsy Australia

The sharing economy has been developing steadily over the past decade, and is now incorporating  caravans which offer a more unique travel experience.

Australians are huge travellers by nature, and are the type of men and women who want to take their time and experience the great outdoors, and not merely rush to the destination.

So, lucky for all of us, the fantastic Aussie road trip is about to become lot easier.

Outdoorsy is a new player in the sharing economy and offers an on-demand motorhome and caravan marketplace. They have announced their expansion to the Asia-Pacific region after their brilliantly successful start in Canada this past year.

The website hosts  the most significant inventory of bookable caravans and motorhomes worldwide as well as including other outdoor gear and accessories to help you enjoy your holiday and adventures.

Outdoorsy has expanded to both Australia and New Zealand. Users of the website can both book a caravan and, if you have one of your own being nonproductive in the carport, then you can also rent it out to a like minded traveller to earn some extra cash on the side.

Jeff Cavins, co-founder and CEO of Outdoorsy said, "With Australia and New Zealand being synonymous with outdoor adventures, road trips and beautiful landscapes, this region is the next natural step up to our robust global growth plan as we build the world's third lodging category. "

Outdoorsy has a goal of mobilising over 18 million caravans, RV's, motorhomes and campervans, that sit idle around the world. The company has so far booked more than 300,000 travel days during the previous year. Let's see how Autralia embraces Outdoorsy.

Portable Solar Panel Review

Dometic Waeco 120w Portable Solar Panel Review 

Model PS120

best portable solar panel
With more and more free camping options becoming available around Australia, our thoughts turn to how we are going to charge our caravan batteries when we are discounted from electricity for a long period of time. 

The Dometic Waeco 120W Solar Panel is a portable unit which has become very popular amoung caravaners wanting to make use of RV friendly towns who provide areas to free camp.

These local council areas often provide basic amenities for the travelling public such as a 'bush' or 'long drop' toilets, a water source (not always drinkable), and sometimes a dump point for emptying our portable toilets which is always appreciated.

There is usually a time limit of 24 or 48 hrs that you can stay, but occaisionally you will come across others which have a longer time limit. Some allow up to 2 weeks.

So with that in mind, we'll take a closer look at a portable solar panel that can offer the daily charging capacity that you'll need.

Firstly the Dometic Waeco brand is second to none in Australia. It is a widely recognised brand, and this particular unit has a 2 year warranty period which is why it can claim to be one of the highest selling and most popular portable solar panels on the market.

Here are some of the features:
  • 10amp heavy duty voltage regulator (12 volt)
  • monocrystalline silicon panels for high performance
  • sensor for battery temperature
  • 5 metre lead with aligator clips and Anderson plug connector
  • adjustable feet to allow for capturing the sun to your best advantage - (optomised for Southern Hemisphere) 
  • compact design  
  • easy to fold up
  • carry bag supplied
Dimensions:Wide 534 x Height 810 x Depth 70mm (Folded)
Overall Weight:14kg  

Read the customer reviews of the Dometic Waeco 120W Solar Panel

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